About our lettings service

Looking for a modern apartment or house to suit your price range? Docklands Prestige Residential can advise on all your rental needs with our unrivalled expertise. DPR team members work hard for you, using a wide range of sources to search for your perfect property, tailored to your needs. Whatever the rental situation, DPR will move you into your new home quickly and efficiently ensuring that letting a property through us is a stress-free and professional experience.

DPR will;

  • arrange the tenancy agreements, whether it be long, short or company rental
  • arrange inventories at Check-in and Check-out
  • set up all utility bills
  • arrange tenancy renewals, transfer or end of tenancy matters
  • protect your security deposit by registering it with The DPS (The Deposit Protection Service)
  • for more details regarding fee’s and charges to tenants, Please click here to download our Tenants Guide